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Leader Brokerage Services

Uk leading brokerage services sourcing international commodities described by our clients as on of the best in the business sourcing commodities such as; Industrial Machinery – Granulators, compactors, compressors, forktrucks, drill rigs, generators and many more. Non-ferrous metals – Birch, milberry, copper granules, heavy copper, 98 copper, braziery and many more.


World-Wide Logistics

Financial Managements head of logistics along with his professional team have over 20 + years knowledge in the industry enabling us to provide our clients with an unbeatable price for transporting their commodities world-wide. Our logistic solutions and extensive covering; International Ocean Freight, Bulk & Break-bulk Cargo, Air Freight, Trucking, Heavy Haulage, Warehousing, Distribution, Door to Door Delivery, Loading and Shipping of Vehicles & Machinery.

Discounted Stock

What makes us of the best brokerage companies in the UK is our connections in many industries thank to our partners and employees with a combined 45 + years. We offer a unique service of discounted stock based in Asia mainly on industrial equipment with heavy discounts for non-ferrous metals in Europe. We have operatives based all over the world who are able to inspect any stock before its purchased and loaded for transport. Our company divisions are able to work coincide with each other to source commodities at the best price along with competitive price on international haulage with back loads included.

What we Do


Our main focus as a company is sourcing whatever physical or non-physical commodity our clients require for an unbeatable price with the ability to offer fast and cost-effective logistic solutions.

The advantage of ordering oversees stock is that we can get the very best prices on the market with all stock inspected by our operative based in Asia before any stock is purchased and loaded for transport.

We do not offer financial management services, nor do we advertise to do so. We are strictly a brokerage company.

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Financial management have implemented a new system which involves an FX instead of sending directly from the bank resulting in money losing rates. Our FX system will enable our clients to receive the best rate possible on any currency when sending monies oversees. Below are a few details relating to our fees for our services, client due-diligence requirements and what a brokerage service is. Please click on the arrows to expand for further information.

Financial management acts as a middle-man between the buyer and seller ensuring monies are held until the commodity has been successfully delivered along with the quality of the stock as per the details provided upon the agreement to purchase. Working closely with our clients along with operatives on the ground viewing the stock enables us to understand and negotiate terms which are beneficial for both parties.

The cost of our services all depends on the product which is in question. Once we know the commodity or service we can analyse for terms, operatives and provide you with exact details in a short space of time as we believe in efficiently providing our clients with a unique service in the quickest time possible.

As required to obtain we insist that before any trade is done that we require full customer documentation which includes a due-diligence pack; VAT Certifications, Letter of incorporation, Director IDs ect…


If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below alternatively we have provided our contact details.

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